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Shortage - STEP. orders

Troubleshooting - Missing Garments - STEP.screen printing Orders


In the event that while checking in a STEP. order it is discovered that all of the garments for the referenced order have not been received, Follow the steps below to report this shortage.


  • Fill out a Shortage report ticket for the missing garment.  Clip the Shortage Report Ticket with the Packing Slips for the order onto a clipboard.  Be sure to place the Shortage Ticket on top.  Move the Clipboard to the “To Be Ordered” Bin so that the blanks can be confirmed to be on order. 

  • The Blanks that have been received and staged on a WIP cart must have a PARTIAL CONE placed on the top of the cart(s).  The carts can then be moved to the Partial area of the Screen Printing Area.



Once the Missing Blanks for the Order are Received:

  • Follow the standrad check-in Procedure to verify the blanks

  • Check the Blanks Received Box on the STEP.orders Incoming tab

  • Stage the missing blanks on the WIP Carts

  • Remove the PARTIAL Cone and discard the Shortage Report Ticket.

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