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Reporting Order Receiving Issue

Troubleshooting - STEP.order Defects


In the event that there is an issue while Checking In a STEP.order, follow the steps below to report the issue.


Potential issues may include:

  • Blanks that have been received do not match the order requirements

    • Style

    • Color

    • Size

  • Blanks do not match the packing list

  • Blanks that have been received are deemed defective

    • Holes or Tears 

    • Stains

    • Other Garment Defects

  • Fill out a Shortage Report Ticket.  Use the Back Side of the Page to document what the issue is.


  • Place the Shortage Report Ticket in the “To Be Ordered” bin.

  • Segregate any Damaged or incorrect garments in a bin.  

  • Label the bin with a Work-In-Process tag.  Fill out the WIP tag with the Customer, Order Number, and “HOLD” in the Description field.  Place this bin on the “Partial” shelf.

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