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Shortage - Supply Materials

Troubleshooting - Order Issue - Supply Material

In the event a supply material has been identified with an issue follow the steps below to report this issue.


Possible issues may include:

  • Missing or Received not in full

  • Incorrect Color

  • Incorrect Size

  • Incorrect Item

  • Damaged or Defective

  • Or other issue that prevents this supply material from being received


  • Fill out a Shortage Report Ticket, indicating the item(s) that are missing, damaged, incorrect, or have other issues

  • Use the Back of the Shortage Report Ticket to describe the issue(s) for these item(s)

  • Place the Shortage Report Ticket into the To Be Ordered Bin

  • Place any items that are damaged, incorrect, or have other issues into a bin and label the bin with a Work In Process Tag.  Complete the Tag as Follows:

    • Customer:  STEP

    • Order Number:  Supply

    • Description:  HOLD

  • Place this bin with the suspect material onto the Partial Shelf.

  • This defective or incorrect material may need to be returned to the vendor or further documented.  Therefore this material should be retained until a disposition is determined.


  • As the replacement or corrected material arrives, use the Standard Supply Material Check-In Procedure to receive that material 

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